Someone Actually Made A Mel Gibson Ringtone

August 8, 2006

melmug150.jpgOK, it’s official. The whole Mel Gibson arrest is worn out. Some company named Oasys Mobile is trying to get publicity by releasing a drunken Mel Gibson ringtone. I don’t think it’s particularly funny or creative, but I’ll let you judge for yourself. I do notice that they decided not to include any Jewish references.

The company does tell MSNBC’s The Scoop that they plan on releasing an entire line of celebrity scandal ringtones. Oasys spokeswoman Gina Torres says, “We’re looking towards doing something with Lindsay Lohan. We’re waiting until she gets hospitalized again and then we’re going to have the sound of an ambulance siren in the background and this husky-voiced Lohan sound-alike blaming it on dehydration. She’s already been hospitalized three times this year, so we figure we won’t have to wait long.”

Source: The Scoop


John Travolta Isn’t Man Enough For “Dallas”

August 7, 2006

bestofjohnt.jpgAn interesting theory from this morning’s Page Six: J-Lo might have quit “Dallas” because of leading man John Travolta. Travolta’s set to play J.R. Ewing, but an “insider” says:

The script sucks. And John Travolta? If it had been a man’s man like Ed Harris or Tommy Lee Jones… but you don’t just go from doing ‘Hairspray’ to ‘Dallas.’ “

Janet Jackson Wants Her Water Cold, Dammit

August 7, 2006

janetfat.jpgAdd Janet Jackson to the list of celebrities who think they can make outrageous demands just because they’re famous. According to The Sun, Janet made a staffer check her water with a thermometer to make sure it was the proper temperature. Oh, did I mention the water had to be from a spring in Fiji?

A source says “She insisted the water was her very own, from a Fijian spring and cooled to a precise temperature before she would drink it. How anybody can tell the difference between a standard bottle of mineral water and some from a Fijian spring beggars belief. It was hilarious watching her staff make such a fuss.”

Source: The Sun

Colin Farrell Lasts 10 Seconds

August 6, 2006


According to a 24-year-old woman who claims to have had sex with Colin Farrell, he isn’t that great in the sack.

Angelique Jerome, who happens to be Woody Allen’s au pair, was less than impressed when three sexual encounters added up to total 10 minutes. The 24-year-old had this to say about Colin in bed:

“He has a great body and a charm that any woman would kill for. But he’s all talk. Between the sheets, he is a let-down with only half a baguette in his lunchbox, if you know what I mean. He comes across as a tiger on screen, but behind closed doors he’s as wild as Mickey Mouse.

He kept saying ‘C’est bon (it’s good), you’re beautiful, c’est bon’. He sounded like James Blunt.

Once he’d got what he fancied – in about 10 seconds flat – he just wanted to go to sleep.

We made love three times but the actual sex only lasted 10 minutes in total. At one point he lifted me up and carried me to one side of the bed so we were both looking in his full-ength mirror. He said, ‘Look how beautiful you are’.

To be fair, he did try and give me pleasure, kissing me all down my body – but his heart wasn’t really in it. I kept having to fake orgasms – one, two, three – to keep him happy and let him keep his dignity. It seemed the polite thing to do.”

Source: Sunday Mirror

If You Didn’t Think Britney Could Act Dumber…

August 6, 2006

Then watch this YouTube video. It’ll be the best three minutes of your day.

More OJ Than You Can Shake a Bloody Glove At

August 6, 2006


Apparently there’s a large number of the population who just can’t get enough of OJ Simpson. Luckily, the website launched today. While bored at work, you can watch video clips of OJ talking about drug use, dancing with hotties and giving sexual advice.

Look Up Ashlee Simpson’s Skirt

August 6, 2006

ashundies.jpgThe guys over at Egotastic have a nice peek at Ashlee Simpson’s underwear if you’re into that sort of thing.

If one Simpson upskirt isn’t enough to get your mojo going, then the truly perverse can check out this Lisa Simpson upskirt.