Britney Spears’ Baby Gift Registry Includes $1200 Chandelier

August 29, 2006

Britney and Sean Preston

Someone stumbled upon Britney Spears’ supposed gift registry at fancy Hollywood baby store Petit Tresor. A source tells The Scoop that it’s legit, but who knows. According to the registry, Britney’s expecting on November 11th.

A few of the items Britney would like:

  • Airplane Chandelier : $1,275
  • Bonne Nuit Crib: $2,200
  • Bonne Nuit French Changer: $2,395
  • Polka Dot Pink Rug: $495
  • Baby Rosebuds Crib Set: $895
  • “Ruffles, Roses ‘n Bows” Bassinet by Lulla smith: $1,100
  • Berry Adult Glider with Ottoman: $1,095

Feel free to look at their gift registry and buy an overpriced baby gift for Britney and K-Fed at Petit Tresor.

Diddy Hires Extra Plane For His Luggage

August 8, 2006

diddy1.jpgLeave it to Diddy to bring celebrity excess to a whole new level. When Diddy tried leaving a photoshoot in St. Tropez, he was stopped because the private jet he was using couldn’t hold the weight of all his luggage. What did Diddy do? (Say that three times fast!) He actually spent another $16,000 to rent a second jet to carry his Louis Vuitton luggage. A source was quoted as saying, “What Diddy wants, Diddy gets.”

It also seems that what Diddy’s girlfriend wants, she gets too. The source goes on to say, “His girlfriend, Kim Porter, also wasn’t pleased with the chef they’d had all week, so Diddy had another flown in from Monaco to replace him.”

Source: Daily Mirror

Janet Jackson Wants Her Water Cold, Dammit

August 7, 2006

janetfat.jpgAdd Janet Jackson to the list of celebrities who think they can make outrageous demands just because they’re famous. According to The Sun, Janet made a staffer check her water with a thermometer to make sure it was the proper temperature. Oh, did I mention the water had to be from a spring in Fiji?

A source says “She insisted the water was her very own, from a Fijian spring and cooled to a precise temperature before she would drink it. How anybody can tell the difference between a standard bottle of mineral water and some from a Fijian spring beggars belief. It was hilarious watching her staff make such a fuss.”

Source: The Sun