The Best New Song Of The Year

Go Away ParisIf you haven’t heard this song yet, you must! It’s from a band called The OK Go Away Paris Hilton Apparatus! and it’s my favorite new song of the summer. Listen to it here.

A Showbiz Stupidity interview with the creator of this musical masterpiece, Mr. Smith, after the jump!

Showbiz Stupidity: Paris Hilton bothers a lot of people, but few are inspired enough to record a song about her. What exactly is it about Paris that caused the formation of “The OK Go Away Paris Hilton Apparatus”?

Mr. Smith: I just can’t stand her, and it finally reached the point where I thought I would write a song about how much I can’t stand her! Did I mention that I can’t stand her? I think my song speaks for most of America as well!

SS: Have you heard Paris’ new album? As a musician, what does it feel like to open up Billboard and see that Paris Hilton’s album came in at #6, “the highest debut for a new solo female pop artist this year”?

MS: I think it should have debuted at #1. With the money she spent on that album, I think it is inexcusable that it didn’t do better. If I had that amount of money to put into an album, it would debut at #1.

SS: Will there be a follow-up song or will your inaugural hit be the only one? Are you planning on lampooning other celebrities or is Paris the only one?

MS: Sad to say, this will probably be my only song before I vanish into obscurity. But watch out, Lindsay Lohan, ’cause you’ve become almost as annoying as Paris!

SS: If Paris would happen to read this interview, what would you like to say to her?

MS: I’ll bet you your family fortune that you can’t go on live TV and perform any of the songs on your album without pulling an Ashlee Simpson.

SS: Finally, if you had to choose between spending a day with Paris Hilton or getting stabbed in the testes with a rusty nail, which would it be?

MS: Nail, please, and fast.

We want to thank Mr. Smith for taking the time to chat with us today and be sure to support The Go Away Paris Hilton Apparatus!, or get a “Go Away Paris” t-shirt here.


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