Diddy Hires Extra Plane For His Luggage

diddy1.jpgLeave it to Diddy to bring celebrity excess to a whole new level. When Diddy tried leaving a photoshoot in St. Tropez, he was stopped because the private jet he was using couldn’t hold the weight of all his luggage. What did Diddy do? (Say that three times fast!) He actually spent another $16,000 to rent a second jet to carry his Louis Vuitton luggage. A source was quoted as saying, “What Diddy wants, Diddy gets.”

It also seems that what Diddy’s girlfriend wants, she gets too. The source goes on to say, “His girlfriend, Kim Porter, also wasn’t pleased with the chef they’d had all week, so Diddy had another flown in from Monaco to replace him.”

Source: Daily Mirror


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