Paris Hilton Is Celibate

Highlights of Paris Hilton’s interview with the British edition of GQ magazine.

Paris on sex: “I’ve only done it with, like, a couple of boyfriends. People think I sleep with everyone, but I’m not like that. I like kissing, but that’s all I do. I’m not having sex for a year, I’ve decided. I’ll kiss but nothing else.”

Paris on her sex tape: “I never received a dime from it. It’s just dirty money and he should give it all to some charity for the sexually abused or something.”

Paris relates to Princess Di: “I’ve been in cars trying to get away from speeding paparazzi before and it’s horrible, so I can relate to Diana and the problems she had.”

Paris on Tony Blair: “Who? … Oh, yeah, he’s like your president. I don’t know what he looks like.”

Paris on why she loves doing appearances in Austria: “Because they pay me $1 million to wave at crowds!”

Paris on why she’s better than J-Lo: “I’ve made, like, $200 million dollars in the last year, while J-Lo’s only made $150 million dollars.”


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